- Is Gingerbread difficult to make?


Gingerbread MUST be refrigerated over night before rolling & baking. It is the secret to GREAT gingerbread!
*See TIPS & TRICKS for Instructions & ingredients required to make gingerbreadgiant dough.

- How long do gingerbreadgiant creations take to make?

That would be determined by which pattern you are making and your gingineering level.

Basic guide line:
Gingerbreadgiant dough has to be made the day before you are baking your creation.
Rolling out the dough, cutting patterns and baking will take a couple of hours.
Assembly is dependant on which pattern you are making and your gingineering level. Most patterns can be finished over a weekend.

- How long will they last?

That is subject to a few things. Moisture is a definite thing to avoid. Naturally, handling them carefully will result in them lasting longer. Any gingerbread covered entirely in icing will last longer. We recommend all structural pieces are to be covered in icing. For example axles, wheels, and kickstands on some patterns.
- Can anyone do this?

If you can bake a cookie, gingerbread giant can teach you the art of gingineering ! 

- Do you need special icng?

Yes, Royal Icing

How do you make Royal icing?

It is so EASY!

Mix 4 cups of Icing sugar
3 Tablespoons of meringue powder
& 1/2 Cup of water at medium speed
for 7 minutes.

Icing will look like
 this when you
 mix at medium
       speed for...........1 minute........2 minutes.........3 minutes......4 minutes........5 minutes.......6 minutes..............7 minutes

-How do you store the Royal Icing?

~ Keep icing in pastry bags.
Twist the end of the bag & use bag clips to seal the pastry bags.
 This system keeps them neat & tidy.

~ Store the remaining icing in a air tight sealed container.

~ How do you make the patterns & cut out the Gingerbread dough?

~ Print the pattern out
  ~ Glue it to the poster board
  ~ Cut out the patterns

                                                1                                                    2                                                     3

~ Put the patterns on the rolled out gingerbread.
   See figure 1
~ Cut around the edges of the patterns.
   See figure 2
~ Pull away excess gingerbread.
   See figure 3

4                                                     5                                                      6

~ Cut  around the remaining edges and remove excess gingerbread.
  See figure 4, 5, 6 & 7.

                                                7                                                     8                                                    9

~ Use the pattern to help transfer your gingerbread part to the cookie sheet.
    See figure 8 & 9.

- Can the Gingerbread be fixed if it breaks?